Ray Haddad - Master Magician

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I have been providing quality live magic entertainment since 1959. My goal is to fulfill your entertainment needs to your complete satisfaction. I believe the best way to achieve this is to ensure that you and your guests have an absolutely memorable event.

I professionally perform magic on stage, television, in public venues, at corporate events and in private homes worldwide. Corporate customers have enjoyed magic performances customized to their needs and professionally presented. Your private party or family event will be both entertaining and memorable.

In the early 1970s, I was actively involved in entertaining overseas deployed troops during the Vietnam war by traveling with the United Services Organization Pacific Theater of Operation tour. Look at those sideburns and that satin faced dinner jacket! Styling – the 1970s way! The only thing missing is the mullet.

Since then, my travels around this wonderful world of ours have found me performing magic in some very unusual places. I’ve performed in such diverse locations as a canvas boxing ring on the Pacific island of Guam, the quiet of a hospital room bedside in Perth and in the boisterous company of London pub patrons. I have performed in the countries of the United States, Tunisia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Morocco, Egypt, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Israel, the Philippines, England, Kenya, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Greece and a most lately on a rather large, sunburnt island continent known as Australia. Before moving across the Pacific and Indian Oceans to Perth, I spent the previous 20 years performing in Las Vegas and Southern California – the Magic and Entertainment Capitals of the World!

While in Australia, I worked as a television show manager for the Moose Goes Live show, contributed time and talent to Channel 7 Telethons and Channel 9 Appealathons as both a pre-show entertainer and a headliner. I taught magic at summer camps, schools and privately. Along with a small group of entertainers, I founded "Clowning Around Down Under" which focused on entertaining children in hospitals. As two time Past President of the West Australian Society of Magicians, I implemented many innovative projects with the club to enhance the perception of magic and magicians in Perth.

In 2006, I returned to Australia from an extended overseas tour which included the United Kingdom, Germany, Thailand and the United States, In 2011, I moved yet again to the US and now lie back in Connecticut in the northeast corner of the country.

Feel free to phone me in my Connecticut office at 860-423-3306 and ask for details on the type of performance event that can be provided for you and your guests. Alternatively, you may use the "Contact Us" link in the sidebar or click here to send an e-mail to us via our Contact Page.

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