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Magic Lessons

The Basic Conceptualization of Magic Lessons:

Magic is quite unique in that it is one of the last remaining guilds in which knowledge is imparted person to person. This is much like it was in Medieval times when a master would teach an apprentice. Knowledge is always sought by those desiring to learn. In other words, you won't find a course in magic listed in a college curriculum and most likely not even in the Yellow Pages. Magic is still taught in a day to day, one on one series of instructions. Magicians pass their knowledge on from one magician to one neophyte. To many old school conjurors, this is as it ought to be. For the newcomer to magic, understanding of this concept is essential to becoming not just a demonstrator of the art but a true performer and entertainer. Without one on one attention, you are almost certainly doomed to fail.

The Start of the Process:

Use the Contact Form to inquire about magic lessons. Each individual has different needs and a dialog is important before a schedule is determined and a fee set for lessons. A person with no experience at all needs more attention and more time in the presence of the master magician. A person who wants to learn stage presence needs attention in the area of theater arts. I'm sure you grasp the differences and see that each person in need of lessons has very different requirements.

The Lessons:

The time and place for lessons and the fees for them are the final step towards learning the art of magic. There is no guarantee that you will become a magician. That final decision is up to you. You will be required to practice each and every technique, method and skill you learn. Success depends on that and you will have to be self motivating. You will be taught many things that cannot be revealed or repeated except among your peers. As the old saying goes, "You will have much to learn."

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